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Janklab’s MlxShake is a tool to export Matlab Live Scripts (.mlx files) to Markdown and other formats.


This tool lets you generate project documentation and web site content from live scripts in your project. This is a nice way of generating rich documentation with included graphics that are up to date with your latest code. Especially nice for tutorials and examples.

See the Tutorial for examples of what it can do. The Tutorial is itself generated from a Matlab live script using MlxShake!

The full documentation is available on the MlxShake web site.


This is pre-release, beta quality software! It is an experimental work in progress. Everything about it, especially its public API, is subject to change at any time. And it is probably buggy.



MlxShake is based on, and started out as a fork of, MathWorker Michio Inoue’s livescript2markdown tool. MlxShake can largely be viewed as a productization of livescript2markdown.

The Live Script to LaTeX export code is informed by Pavel Roslovets’s Live-Script-to-Markdown-Converter toolbox.

License Warning

MlxShake is licensed under a nonstandard MathWorks-specific variant of the BSD 2-Clause License that includes this additional clause:

* In all cases, the software is, and all modifications and derivatives of the
  software shall be, licensed to you solely for use in conjunction with
  MathWorks products and service offerings.

This is because the livescript2markdown project is licensed that way, and MlxShake contains derivatives of its code.


Matlab version, I dunno, R2019b or later?


MlxShake provides tools for exporting Matlab Live Scripts to Markdown and other formats, including HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, and more.


Download the latest release or clone the repo and put it somewhere on your disk.

Add its Mcode/ directory to your Matlab path using addpath().


Quick summary:

Super quick example:

From Matlab:


From the Mac or Linux command line:

./bin/mlxshake MyLiveScript.mlx --format html

See the Tutorial for fuller instructions and feature description.

Project Goals

The goals of MlxShake, specifically as an enhanced fork of livescript2markdown, are:


MlxShake was developed by Andrew Janke based on livescript2markdown by Michio Inoue.

The project home page is the GitHub repo page. Bug reports and feature requests are welcome. The online documentation is on the MlxShake web site, but that is very much a work in progress.

MlxShake is part of the Janklab suite of open source libraries for Matlab.

MlxShake’s repo structure is based on Janklab’s MatlabProjectTemplate.

Code was written while listening to live Phish shows.


Contributions are appreciated! Right now I mostly need feature requests, bug reports, and especially example Live Script files that MlxShake can be tested against.

All code contributions to MlxShake must be dual-licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License and the special MathWorks-specific variant of the BSD 2-Clause License that MlxShake is currently licensed under. This is so that MlxShake can be easily relicensed to BSD 3-Clause in the future if its underlying livescript2markdown code is similarly relicensed. (Which would be nice, IMHO.)

See the CONTRIBUTING file for more info, including coding guidelines.