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lslatex2markdown - janklab.mlxshake

Convert Live Script LaTeX to Markdown.

mdfile = janklab.mlxshake.lslatex2markdown(inFile, opts)

Converts a LaTeX-format exported Live Script file to Markdown. Will also produce accompanying image files in a subdirectory next to the output .md file.

This does not work on LaTeX in general! Only the specific LaTeX files that are produced by Matlab’s “Export to LaTeX” function for Matlab Live Scripts.

The “lslatex” name indicates that this only works on Live Script-produced LaTeX, not LaTeX in general.

InFile (string) is the path to the LaTeX .tex file to convert. The ‘.tex’ suffix is optional.

Opts is a janklab.mlxshake.MlxExportOptions object. See its documentation for available options and their behavior.

Returns the path to the generated .md file.