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mlx2latex - janklab.mlxshake

Export a Live Script (.mlx) file to LaTeX (.tex).

janklab.mlxshake.mlx2latex(mlxFile, outFile)

Exports a Matlab Live Script to LaTeX. This produces a .tex file and an accompanying matlab.sty file and _images directory next to it. Will clobber any existing files.

InMlxFile (string) is the path to the input .mlx Live Script file to export. Files on the Matlab path will not be located; you must provide the full path to the input file.

OutFile (string) is the path to the output .tex file to export. The ‘.tex’ extension may be omitted and defaults to ‘.tex’. You can also use a different file extension, and that will be respected, but that might mess things up. By default, the output file is the input file with the ‘.mlx’ extension replaced by ‘.tex’.

The undocumented return value is for MlxShake’s internal use.